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No More Excuses

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions! We are all faced with decisions. Some decisions that we face or life altering while others won’t affect our day-to-day lives one way or another.

While physical death may not be a direct consequences of the choices we make, there are some choices that may leave our spirits wounded and our souls diseased. I’m faced with such a decision. There are two choices: Do It and Do Not Do It. I can partially obey the voice of God or fully disobey the voice of God.

For some time I’ve been able to dismiss the voice of God with such excuses as “I need to pray more about it,” or “Maybe God is saying this,” or “God did not really mean for me to do that.” Now, before I go any further, please don’t act as if my excuses are unique. If you’ve lived long enough, you too have offered many excuses for or against something to which God has called you.

Today, while listening to Bishop-elect Craig Oliver’s sermon during the Full Gospel Baptist Church’s “The Cloud Conference,” I’m convinced. There are no more excuses. I’m going to “partially obey and fully disobey” or I’m going to do what God is calling me to even when the instructions are contrary and controversial.

Using Jesus’ first miracle of turning water into wine, Oliver emphasized John 2:5, “His mother said to the servants ‘Do whatever he tells you.’ Less I bore you with the details of the whole sermon, the preacher seems to suggest that our lives hinge upon these five words: Do whatever (God) tells you. And more specifically for me, “Sherri, do whatever God tells you.” (Please fill free to insert your name.)

I’ve heard it loud and clear, and now the ball is definitely in my court. Will I fully obey by responding without hesitancy, without reservations and without questions?

So what about you? What is God calling you to do that may be contrary to your belief system and controversial in your circle of influence? What will it take for you to “do whatever (Jesus) tells you?

May all be well!

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