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Meet Sherri

Preacher, Pastor,

Spiritual Entrepreneur!

My Personal Being

A Sassy, Strong, Spiritual Entrepreneur

          I am a daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt and niece, who from the womb was drawn to reading, writing and coloring outside of the lines. The essence of my DNA compels me to pull apart everything until it makes sense to me. That’s my approach to the Bible.

          Certainly, I believe that the sacred text is one of the ways that God speaks to us. I also believe as a preacher I am charged with carefully analyzing the biblical text. One that was written thousands of years ago in a world that was filled with customs, cultures, and communication styles vastly different from that of our present world. For the past 10 years or so I’ve made it my mission to train both women and men how to pull apart a text so that they can never be charged with malpractice in the pulpit.

          Using my 30 plus years’ experience as a news reporter, writer, editor, teacher, preacher, pastor and author I help women to preach with clarity, conviction and confidence. I help them to emphatically declare



My Presence in the World

            As an only girl with four brothers, I spent a lot of time in my bedroom as I played school, reading and writing. Little did I know in that bedroom God was nurturing and developing my passion for teaching, preaching, writing and leading?

            From teaching dolls and stuffed animals, I present to you Rev. Sherri L. Jackson:

  • Senior Pastor, The Healing Place Ministries of Alexandria

  • Founder/Principle Instructor, The Preacher’s Academy

  •  CEO, D.A.M. Good Consulting & Publishing Services

  • Ordained Baptist Clergywoman

  • Hospice Chaplain

  • Special Education Teacher

  • Owner/Publisher, The Light newspaper

  • Managing Editor, The Town Talk newspaper

  • City Editor, The Journal Times newspaper

  • Police/Education Reporter, Daily Star newspaper

  • Adjunct Instructor, Gateway Technical College

  • Adjunct Instructor, Central Louisiana Technical and Community College

  • Published Author

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God's Invisible hands were at work

Sherri L. Jackson


Margaret Sims Brown

My Mother


Mae Johnson Brown

My Paternal Grandmother

Viola Sims 2.JPG

Viola Darden Sims

My Maternal Grandmother

My People Who Shaped Me

           On October 3, 1965, I was born into families of which I would be the first girl in about 20 years. With four brothers to follow, I admit that I am spoiled _ not rotten. There is a difference.

            Certainly, God is the author and finisher of my life. However, I owe much to my mother, Margaret Sims Brown; my maternal grandmother, Viola Darden Sims; and paternal grandmother, Mae Johnson Brown, all of worked to bring out the best of my womanish ways. Though they did not always understand me or always approve of my decisions, I never doubted their love and support.

            I am because of them. The moves I make is because of them. The noise I make is because of them. The legacy that I will leave is because of them. I am D.A.M. Good because of Margaret, Viola and Mae

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