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Publishing Matters

Reimagining the Text That Keeps Women Out of the Pulpit

If anything can raise temperatures and stir up rage in the church, it is a conversation about women’s roles. Specifically speaking, a heated debate about Paul’s words regarding women being silent in the church is sure to cause hurt, harm, discord and division. Regardless of which biblical translation you read, there is no way to deny the words written in 1 Corinthians 14:34. Paul’s words, written thousands of years ago, have long been used to perpetuate a patriarchal system that silences, stifles and suffocates women who sense God’s call for them to preach. What if there is another way to read and understand this highly controversial text? 

Silent Not Me



Best Seller

Don't stress! I've taken the guess work out of the process so that you can move seamlessly towards your finished product.

I've outlined 7 steps to get you from beginning to end. These seven steps worked for me, and they will work for you. I've got two Amazon bestsellers to show that the process works.

Check out my books, Sermon Prep Made Easy: Six Steps Every Preacher Should Take Before Reaching the Pulpit and Silent Not Me: Reimagining the Biblical Text That Keeps Women Out of the Pulpit.

7 Keys  To Becoming A Bestselling Author


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6 Steps Every Preacher Should Take Before Reaching the Pulpit

Preacher, are people complaining that your sermons are not connecting, convincing or convicting? Preacher, do you have to preach Sunday and are clueless about where to begin? If your answers to these questions are YES, in six basic steps, this book can help you prepare and preach powerful, effective and impactful sermons. Without a seminary education or any formal theological training, your sermons no longer have to miss the mark of reaching those in the pew. In Sermon Prep Made Easy: 6 Steps Every Preacher Should Take Before Reaching the Pulpit, Rev. Sherri L. Jackson, MDiv., provides an easy step-by-step process to help preachers take the guesswork out of prep work. 

Sermon Prep Made Easy



A Memoir

In this candid memoir, Jackson brings to life her experience of growing up in the home with an alcoholic father, a shameful and embarrassing marriage and the escape to Wisconsin that would become her lifesaver. Jackson sheds light on her restoration process that ended with her return to Louisiana as a preacher, which brings about a new set of difficulties. Not Built to Break is a story about choices and consequences and how those choices may sidetrack God’s ultimate plans for our lives but they do not stop them. Though families can be the source of pain, they also provide a strong solid foundation on which to stand and to build. This story is also a powerful one of restoration and jubilation.

Not Built to Break


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