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Preacher, are people complaining that your sermons are not connecting, convincing or convicting?Preacher, do you have to preach Sunday and are clueless about where to begin? If your answers to these questions are YES, in six basic steps, this book can help you prepare and preach powerful, effective and impactful sermons.

Without a seminary education or any formal theological training, your sermons no longer have to miss the mark of reaching those in the pew. In Sermon Prep Made Easy: 6 Steps Every Preacher Should Take Before Reaching the Pulpit, Rev. Sherri L. Jackson, MDiv., provides an easy step-by-step process to help preachers take the guesswork out of prep work.

This 6-step process, The P.R.E.A.C.H. System, will guide you from text to context to content by helping you to: • Pray fervently • Read scriptures critically • Expose biblical text exegetically • Ask others probingly • Connect the dots logically • Hear from God quietlyDiscover how you can stand confidently, calmly and convincingly and preach with conviction through proper and effective sermon preparation that moves from the world of the text to this present age.

Known as The Preacher's Coach, Reverend Sherri L. Jackson is the creator of The Preaching Academy, a digital training academy for preachers and other message bearers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She earned the Master of Divinity degree at United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio. Additionally, she holds a Master of Science in Adult Education from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Southeastern Louisiana University. She is the author of Not Built to Break and Silent Not Me: Reimagining the Biblical Text That Keeps Women Out of the Pulpit.

She is passionate to train and guide preachers in a process to maintain the integrity of scriptures by immersing themselves in the culture, communication style and customs of the Bible.

Sermon Prep Made Easy

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