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Discovery Session

Who are you?

Do you know?

What is your purpose?

To what is God calling you?
What are obstacles are prohibiting you from moving forward?
Reserve your complimentary session with Coach Sherri to begin exploring your next level move.


Becoming a D.A.M. Good Preacher

Are you ready to preach with confidence, clarity and conviction? Coach Sherri L. Jackson is a ONE-STOP-SHOP Master Coach to help you fulfill your calling by guiding you through your biggest challenges that stops you from reaching your goals. She's an ordained pastor, a biblical educator and a mentor of preachers. If you are ready to prepare sermons and preach transformational sermons, you are invited to apply for a complimentary 30-minute next level coaching experience with Coach Sherri.



Become a #1 Bestselling Author with Coach Sherri L. Jackson, The Preacher's Coach. You are taking the first step to living an abundant life by turning your life's journey into a powerful message.

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