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On May 25, 2003, Sherri L. Brown Jackson, a Black woman entrenched in the Black Baptist tradition of the South, did the unthinkable. A once passionate defender of the inherited patriarchal views regarding women in ministry, she preached her first sermon.

Twenty years later she is passionately disrupting patriarchal systems and practices that seek to silence women called to preach. Grounding her work in personal stories of trials and triumphs, she sets out to guide women in breaking their silence so that they may answer their call to preach. Finally, to stir up the gifts in women, Jackson provides moments of reflection to guide women in using their voices.

This book is ideal for women who are struggling with rejection and enhancing their understanding of preaching women and for male pastors, who are exploring ways to help women fulfill their God-ordained call to preach.

Evolving: 20 Years of Preaching & Passionately Disrupting Patriarchy

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