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Mastering Me 101

Discovering, Accepting & Mastering Me

I'm not good enough!"
I am not equipped!
"Who will believe me?"
"I am afraid."
"I'm not like her."
"I don't know my purpose."

If you have said any of these statements, this 3-part training is THE KEY to mastering YOU. When you change your mindset about YOU, you will prosper in every area of your life and fulfill your life's purpose.

What You'll Get:

3 Live Sessions: (Jan. 31, Feb. 7 and Feb. 14, 2022

3 Q & A Sessions: (Feb. 2, Feb. 9 and Feb. 16, 2022

BONUS: 1 Hour of 1 on 1 Personal Next Level Coaching

This will be an exclusive community of committed individuals so you will receive proper support. I cannot accept everyone interested. This offer will end soon as suits are limited.


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What Others Are Saying About Coach Sherri & This Course

"I would highly recommend this course to a person who is haunted by your past experiences and you are now ready to make a change. I want everyone I know and love to be free from the old way of thinking, living and existing. I want everyone to finally be free." (Shirley )

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"I trust Coach Sherri. She has a way of putting people at ease. She is firm but gentle. She helped me see me in a way that I had ever seen myself before. I try to take any class that she is offering because she gets the job done." (Dr. Lyn)

"The call to preach is scary. We know that the rewards to obedience are mind blowing, but we still have fear. I

questioned if I was good enough or why would God choose me because I don't have all of my stuff together. This course helped me to navigate through my fears." (Tamara)

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Meet Coach Sherri

Rev. Sherri L. Brown Jackson is passionate about helping women in ministry to become D.A.M. Good. She is called to help women Discover, Accept & Master Their Call to
Preach, Reach, or Reach.

Coach Sherri is a pastor, chaplain, publisher, best-selling author, entrepreneur, and coach. She is a retired newspaper reporter, editor and publisher. She is pursuing a doctor of ministry degree from United Theological Seminary, where she also received her Master of Divinity in 2016. Coach Sherri also holds a Master of Education and a Bachelor of Arts.

Since 2013, Coach Sherri has been helping women in ministry to preach with conviction, clarity and confidence. She helps women, particularly black women, to believe in themselves and their power within. Through trial and error, Coach Sherri lives with intention to be the best D.A.M. Good in this world.

Register Now: $125
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